New class viral immunotherapy distinguished by greater efficacy and safety

Vaxalto’s technology is based on exceptional immunologic synergy between an APMV oncolytic virus and a novel immunomodulator

Our proprietary approach combines direct destruction of cancer cells and immune system activation against cancer, leading to greater levels of efficacy while posing minimal risk to patients.

A multimodal approach to lasting cancer eradication

Vaxalto’s innovative therapeutics attack cancer at multiple points of intervention. Our patent-pending APMV oncolytic virus triggers direct tumor cell-killing, exposing tumor antigens and activating the immune system to seek and destroy cancer cells. This effect is enhanced by a new class immunomodulator engineered into the virus, which activates vascular and immune cells in the tumor microenvironment and further drives tumor rejection. A biomarker of response predicts where the therapy is most likely to work, further enhancing efficacy. The therapy also prompts long-term immunological memory to mitigate any return of the cancer cells.

Viral Immunotherapy Mechanism of Action

  • Viral immunotherapy is injected into a tumor
  • APMV4 virus infects tumor cells
  • APMV4 virus multiplies in tumor cells
  • Tumor cells die and expose tumor antigens
  • Immune cells are recruited to tumor and activated
  • Immunomodulator engineered into APMV4 augments anti-tumor immunity
Tumor is eradicated

Systemic Therapeutic Effects

  • Viral construct is injected directly into the tumor
  • Anti-tumor immunity is activated systemically
  • Immune cells attack and eliminate primary tumor as well as metastases in different organs

The science that sets us apart

Vaxalto’s technology is positioned to become a leading solution for defeating cancer within the growing market for oncolytic virus therapies. Our confidence is backed by decades of research and preclinical data demonstrating exceptional therapeutic response.

Pre-clinical studies with unprecedented results

Vaxalto’s engineered avian paramyxovirus (APMV) oncolytic virus shows exceptionally high therapeutic impact. In preclinical studies, intratumoral administration of the viral construct led to complete tumor eradication and yielded an unprecedented 100% survival rate in mouse models of melanoma and breast cancer as a single agent therapy.

Technology distinguished by improved safety

Our technology poses very low risk of side-effects because APMV is not a human pathogen. As a single-strand RNA virus (ssRNA), it selectively infects tumor cells without integrating into the host genome, which further reduces patient risk. Intratumoral administration of the therapy enhances safety by eliminating systemic exposure to the virus and reducing potential for systemic toxicity.

Powerful and versatile therapeutic platform

Our lead candidate—consisting of an APMV viral backbone and a proprietary immunomodulator—has been designed to re-program the tumor immune microenvironment by activating vascular and immune cells, in addition to direct tumor cell killing. This multi-modal therapeutic approach potently primes the body to seek and destroy cancer cells, driving system-wide elimination of metastases and providing long-term immunological memory to mitigate cancer relapse. In addition, the viral platform can be engineered using different gene candidates, giving it the potential to expand treatment indications, from multiple forms of cancer to development of vaccines for emerging pathogens.

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